A heart-warming gift box for any gathering of the autumn and holiday season. "Hygge" is a Danish concept meaning a cozy kind of comfort and conviviality. Time to pass the mead and stoke the fire! Our party box comes with 24 cookies, six of each variety.




Squirrel Booty — Traditional shortbread "walnuts" come together with our  chocolate-cinnamon nut paste rolled in chopped maple walnuts. A perfect stash for a cozy day.


Winter Midnight — Chocolate shortbread with dark chocolate chips and a swirl of black currant coulis, dusted with powdered sugar snow. Tangy and sweet—real currant berries, not raisins!


London Fog — Earl Gray tea cookies featuring lavender flowers and real bergamot oil with undertones of vanilla. Enjoy with a cup of (spiked) coffee and cream!


Apricot Frangelico — Dried apricots are soaked in hazelnut liquer and mixed into our shortbread batter with green and black cardamom spice. A rich, elegant and satisfying combination of flavors.


PriceFrom $26.00
  • Artisan Paper Box Wrap, only $4—Add one of our gorgeous box wraps with matching seed paper card. The wrap can be re-used for scrapbooking or to wrap another small gift. Seed card can be planted and grows pretty flowers! Several choices available; pictures coming soon. 

    For shipping, we only use recyclable kraft paper as stuffing; no plastic or peanuts.