Cozy up this season with a box of adorable autumnal cookies and a cup of hot cocoa or tea. "Hygge" is a Danish concept—a comfy coziness that conjures up contentment and well-being. Our Cozy Cookie boxes are the perfect heart-warming gifts for one or two people. 8 cookies total; 2 of each variety.


Add our adorable pressed pinecone for only $4. One big, beautiful, extra thick, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie, hand-pressed into our wooden cookie mold and finished with superfine sugar snow!




Squirrel Booty — Two traditional shortbread "walnut" halves come together with our chocolate & cinnamon nut paste, then rolled in chopped maple walnuts. The perfect stash for a cozy day. 


Winter Midnight — Chocolate shortbread with dark chocolate chips and a swirl of black currant coulis, dusted with powdered sugar snow. Tangy and sweet—real currant berries, not raisins!


London Fog — Earl Gray tea cookies featuring lavender flowers and real bergamot oil with undertones of vanilla. They're loaded, just like that London Fog latte you get at the coffee house. 


Apricot Frangelico — Turkish apricots are soaked in hazelnut liquer and mixed into our shortbread batter with green and black cardamom spice. A rich, elegant and satisfying combination of cozy flavors.


PriceFrom $13.00
  • Packaged in a 4" recyclable kraft box with raffia bow. (4x7 box for Pincone Cookie box.) A small gift card is included upon request. For shipping, we only use recyclable kraft paper as stuffing; no plastic or peanuts.