Bake Sale at the Hen: Holiday Shortbread Gift Boxes

Need a non-generic gift or an impressive dessert on the holiday table? Our cookie boxes make a gorgeous gift! And if I don't say so myself, these shortbreads are full-on wow, and melt-in-your mouth delicious.

We have two varieties for the sweet shortbread category, and three (in a box set) for the savory-sweet category. All varieties are boxed up pretty, and ready to be plated or gifted.

How To Order

Pre-order your cookie boxes in advance, and let me know what day you need to pick them up. Pick up any day through Christmas Eve.

Payments are taken through Venmo, cash, or check. All orders must be paid in advance.

Call or text me (Alison) to order and ask questions: 208-810-5277

Shortbread Varieties

Anise & Allspice Winter Wonderland "Ornaments"

Minimum: 1 dozen 2 1/2" rounds | $42

Quintessentially holiday-spiced shortbread frosted with

anise glaze and decorated with edible herbs. A festive work

of art on every cookie that conjures up the natural beauty of winter. (ingredients: Gaston's flour, butter, sugar, salt, herbs & spices. Frosting: powdered sugar, tapioca, cream, anise extract.)

Whisky Cranachan Jammies

Minimum: 1 dozen 2" rectangles | $42

Raspberry-filled shortbreads in the name of our favorite

Scottish dessert. Topped with a boozy drizzle of whisky cream frosting and a sprinkling of toasted oats.(ingredients: Gaston's flour, butter, sugar, salt, oat bran. Frosting: powdered sugar, tapioca, whisky.)

Savory-Sweet Gift Box Set | $32

A perfect holiday spread served with a cranberry-walnut Wensleydale, stilton or other soft, festive cheese. Also great for dipping in your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening gravy. Includes:

Bay & Juniper Shortbread - Nine 2" rounds

A sweet-savory cookie with a double infusion of bay laurel

and juniper. (ingredients: Gaston's flour, butter, sugar,

salt, herbs & spices.)

Caraway Shortbread - Nine 2" rounds

This is the way Mary Queen of Scots liked her shortbread!

Traditional savory-sweet Scottish shortbread with a caraway infusion. (ingredients: Gaston's flour, butter, sugar, salt, caraway.)

Anise & Allspice Shortbread - Four 3" rounds

A savory-sweet anise-infused cookie with hints of allspice and other nostalgic holiday aromatics. (ingredients: Gaston's flour, butter, sugar, salt, spices.)

Don't know what to give this year?

These boxes are a beautiful and delicious gift for both men and women. All natural ingredients. Local flour. Small batches. Made with love and care in a safe, conscientious kitchen.

Call or text Alison to order at: 208-810-5277.