Why I Use Hemp CBD Oil

A few years ago my good friend Maggie (now my CBD rep!) started selling the stuff. I bought a bottle to be supportive of her. I admit I had no idea what it would do for me, but I had heard great things about it so why not? Within two weeks it had completely eliminated the night sweats I was getting from perimenopause. Two weeks! But what's even more amazing is what happened when I went OFF of it... 

When I moved to Boise in 2017, I finished the bottle of CBD I brought with me. I didn't really think about it. I just stopped taking it. Within a few weeks, not only did my night sweats return, I went into full-on hot flashes. Daytime. Nighttime. Any time of the day. (We all make jokes about hot flashes, but if you've ever had them you know it's seriously not funny.) After being on the highway-to-hot-flash-hell for a month or so, I called Maggie and told her to send CBD... pronto! 

To my amazement, the hot flashes disappeared within a couple weeks. I mean completely disappeared. No more. Gone. I'm still symptom-free and fully through menopause now. I'm NOT saying going through it was easy... The huge body changes were at times depressing. (Still are.) But for the most part I feel like I'm riding the wave through it. I crash of course, but get right back on my board! I take a small handful of supplements daily, and CBD is always on top. 




If you've been looking for a non-psychoactive hemp CBD oil (doesn't get you high and meets federal legal requirements) I have one of the highest-grade, most premium CBD products you can buy on the market: That's Natural Hemp CBD. These products are clean! The company uses only state-regulated Colorado-grown hemp, and never use solvents or preservatives. Low-heat, non-chemical extraction and organic farming practices preserves the full-spectrum of natural cannabinoids and terpenes. This is a whole plant CBD product.


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CBD Product List

CBD OIL TINCTURE — Pure, full-spectrum CBD oil. 250ml bottles with 250mg CBD in each bottle. Three flavors to choose from: unflavored, peppermint or orange. 

12 bottle pack: $630

6 bottle pack: $330

4 bottle pack: $240

2 bottle pack: $120

1 bottle: $65

CBD MUSCLE RUB — A cooling and calming menthol-based (icy-hot) jelly with aloe. Excellent for topical pain and soothing effects on the skin. 40oz jar with 200mg CBD. $55

CAYENNE SALVE — CBD-rich hemp oil meets cayenne pepper, arnica and peppermint for a super pain relieving combination. 1oz jar with 300mg CBD. $60

REMEDY CREAM — A luxurious, rich and creamy CBD lotion for pain relief and soothing effects on the skin. Safe for all body parts. 1.7oz jar with 250mg CBD. $60