We are Alison Anton and Kimbal Anderson. Together we have 50+ cumulative years as teachers in the health, wellness and healing arts field.


We make cookie gift boxes and host cooking and eating parties. That means we teach you how to cook... but we also teach you how to eat. Here at The Hen we believe a healthy relationship with food is not just what you eat... Equally important is the uncensored pleasure of eating and the calm repose that comes from eating the food that you (or someone else) just made. 

The Hen is our kitchen and gathering space in Boise, Idaho. We live, cook and teach on the property. It's a peaceful oasis in the desert with honey locusts that line the area. (It's got good juju.) 

Cheickens in a tree.jpg

ALISON worked as a personal chef and food writer for many years. Several of her articles and recipes were published in national health magazines. She grew up in the food and cooking field with a mom who owned a gourmet retail store and televised cooking show in the Monterey Bay area. Alison holds three certificates in functional and holistic nutrition and is the author of True Healing: Spiritual Medicine for Every Illness that took away three book awards in 2015.

Favorite food flavor: Sweet

KIMBAL is a long-time practitioner and teacher of Aikido and the way of the Japanese sword. He has been teaching in Boise since 1986 and runs Komyozan Dojo here on the property. He has a deep interest in Asian culture, art, cuisine and medicine. Kimbal is a genius in the kitchen but he's also a farmer, an herbalist, an artist, an alchemist, a ceramicist, a carpenter, a researcher, a bodyworker, a healer, a beloved teacher. Let’s just call him Star Lord.

Favorite food flavor: Umami