ALISON was the head chef-instructor and kitchen manager for Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado. She worked as a personal chef and food writer for many years. Several of her articles and recipes were published in national health magazines, and her food blog was named “Best Health Blog” by Fox News in 2007. Alison holds three certificates in functional and holistic nutrition. She is the author of True Healing: Spiritual Medicine for Every Illness, which took away three book awards in 2015.


Favorite movie: Whale Rider 

Favorite food flavor: Sweet

KIMBAL is a long-time practitioner and teacher of Aikido and the way of the Japanese sword. He has been teaching in Boise since 1986 and runs Komyozan Dojo here on the property. He has a deep interest in Asian culture, art, cuisine and medicine. Kimbal is a genius in the kitchen but he's also a farmer, an herbalist, an artist, an alchemist, a ceramicist, a carpenter, a researcher, a bodyworker, a healer, a beloved teacher. Let’s just call him Star Lord.


Favorite movie: The Grand Canyon

Favorite food flavor: Umami

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